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AGENDA for April 2024 Council meeting

If you are interested in observing the Council meeting please email

before noon on Monday 15 April.

SHEMA Council Agenda

Monday 15 April 2024 8pm Edgware

1)       Apologies          

2)     Leavers and Joiners                                                                

3)      Minutes 18th March Council meeting

a)      Approval of Minutes

b)     Matters Arising

4)     Feedback from Exec                                                               

5)      Building Update           

6)     Community Development manager update                      

7)     Security update                                                                       

8)     Services at Edgware and Borehamwood                            

9)     Finance report                                                                         

10)  Events                                                                             

a)     Gala night 10 June                                                               

11)    Welfare                                                                                      

12)  AOB

13)   Date of next meeting – Monday 20th May 2024


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