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Message from Rabbi Danny

I imagine that, like so many millions in our country and round the world, many of us are feeling a profound sense of loss, shock and sadness at the passing of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96. We join the nation in mourning her death.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

For most of us she was the only monarch we have ever known and she has been a tremendous source of stability, continuity and strength at the heart of our nation since her accession to the throne in 1952. Her commitment to serving our nation, her unwavering dedication to duty and to upholding our constitution have been a source of blessing for all her subjects.

She has always been fully supportive and respectful of the Jewish community and all other faith communities. Her commitment to her own faith has been a source of inspiration. She will forever be remembered as a truly exceptional figure here in the UK, in the Commonwealth and throughout the world.

God of compassion, remember her merits and righteous deeds which she performed in her life. Shelter her forever under your loving care and may her soul be bound up in the bonds of eternal life.

Our sincere condolences go to King Charles and all the Royal Family. May God comfort them amongst all who are mourning and we wish them ‘long happy and healthy lives’.

We pray for the health and wellbeing of the new King and may his mother’s reign remain an example to guide King Charles with wisdom and justice so that our nation shall continue to live in peace and harmony.

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