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Our Kol Nidre Appeal Charities

Sponsor - Dr Sarah Barnett

Let me tell you a little bit about my experience with Hatzola. When I lived in Edgware unfortunately, I had need of an ambulance as I woke in the night with pains in my chest and was very confused. My Husband rang 999 and was told that it would be an hour or so. He then rang Hatzola and they came in a few minutes. They were wonderful so caring and efficient they schlepped me down two flights of stairs and on to Barnet General A and E. When I was being taken care of, they left. Thank goodness it was not a heart attack and I came home the next day. During the next day the Doctor from Hatzola rang to see how I was. Now that is what I call a service, they never asked for a penny.

I later moved to Bushey and unfortunately, I had a bad accident when fell down the stairs. My husband rang 999 and was told the ambulance would take TEN HOURS to come, how crazy is that. My husband rang Hatzola only to be told that they don’t come to Bushey, we were devastated. If this happened to me then how many others in need of emergency care was this happening to.

When I started to recover, I wanted to know why Hatzola was not covering the Bushey area

Hatzola Herts is a registered charity and consists of a team of highly trained and dedicated volunteers who are ready to drop whatever they are doing to respond to a medical emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Hatzola medics are equipped with life-saving medical equipment. All Hatzola medics have had advanced training to provide highly skilled and vital emergency medical care, transporting patients to hospital efficiently and swiftly, free of charge. Quite simply, their mission is to help the local community and save lives.

There are already 6-10 calls per week from Bushey which are currently being rejected as they are outside of the catchment area.

I’m sure that you are all aware that the ambulance service is currently stretched to the limit with wait times the worst on record. Data from January 2023 states that the average response times for people requiring an ambulance for a stroke, severe burns or chest pain was 93 minutes. Now they call the first hour after a heart attack or stroke the golden hour because after that hour you either die or have a much reduced chance of recovery.

Hatzola aim to have first responders on the scene for the most serious of emergencies within just 5-7 minutes. This has a massive impact on the chances of a good outcome! Hatzola is welcomed by the local ambulance service as they take some of the strain away from them.

So the reason that I am asking for your help is that we need two ambulances and two rapid response vehicles, We will also be recruiting and training a team of dedicated responders, ambulance drivers and dispatchers from within the community. In addition, we will need to acquire the medical and radio equipment and fund the cost of training.

This is a service that every one of you might need, I really hope that you won’t need it but the chances are that you or a family member or a friend, will at some time need it. So this is a charity that will affect you all and that’s why I hope you will all be as generous as you can to get it up and running. There is no greater mitzva than saving a life and you will be a part of that mitzva. So what better time to give generously than Kol Nidre/Yom Kippur

Sponsor - Tony De Swarte

Whilst the charity Kidney Care UK would welcome your money for the help it gives sufferers especially those on dialysis who hit hard times, due to either mental problems or financial ones , this is not the main reason I am asking for your help.

This week is the first anniversary of me having a kidney transplant. For those that don’t know my sister Avril donated to me . The Mitzvah that Avril did for me as a living donor I know is not for everyone but people do do it.

What I would like to ask you.

Have you ever thought about donating any of your organs when, and hopefully in many years time p.g., you pass away.

As you may know the law in this country changed a few years ago . instead of having to opt in to organ donation we are now all automatically potential organ donors unless we opt out.

This doesn’t mean that the doctors have a right to remove organs. They first have to ask the family if they think that is what the patient wants.

This is the essence of my Kol Nidre appeal.

The most valuable thing that you can leave when you pass away isn’t money or your house it’s your kidney or heart or other organs.

Sponsor - Damon Lenszner

Sebby’s Corner believes no child should go without basic essentials. Families can be referred to them to receive essentials such as nappies, formula, clothing, baby equipment and toys. They also have a birthday club where children who would otherwise go without a gift on their birthday can receive a gift, cake and decorations on their special day. During the summer holidays they offer school uniform support. Families can apply to our free uniform scheme to receive brand new uniform, school shoes, a school bag and stationery for their children.

They support families living in poverty, families in temporary accommodation, women and their children who have fled domestic abuse, refugees, asylum seekers and victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. Families come from Hertfordshire, Barnet and across the whole of Greater London. Every month they distribute over 5,000 nappies, 1,200 items of clothing, over 100 boxes of formula and much more to families in need.

They regularly hear stories of families going without food to buy formula and parents reusing soiled nappies as they can’t afford to buy more.

They have seen a significant increase in referrals due to the cost of living crisis and with your support we can ensure that they don’t have to turn any families away and that no child goes without the essentials they need to thrive.

Please click here to be taken to our donation page

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