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From The SHEMA Office

Updated: Jul 8

Missing Yahrzeit:-

If you have a yahrzeit this week and your name doesn't appear in the newsletter please contact the SHEMA office. If your name appears below but you did not receive a letter from the SHEMA office please let Linda know also. Our new Yahrzeit programme uses the email address that we have on record for you so if this is out of date, or we don’t have an email address recorded, then you may not receive a reminder.

CRP Points:-

We are pleased to welcome you to services in both Borehamwood and Edgware so that you can collect CRP (Certificate of Religious Practice) points for admission to a Jewish Day School. Please email the SHEMA office for a registration form.

SHEMA Facebook Page

If you would like to join the SHEMA Facebook page and get up to date details of SHEMA, and Masorti Judaism information head to

We hold in our hearts everyone who is unwell:_

Please email the office if you wish to add someone to our prayer list.

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