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We wish you and your family strength and comfort in the time of your grief and anguish. Please do get in touch; we want to do everything we can to help and support you. The Rabbi or other members of the Synagogue staff will talk you through what you have to do next.


Our short book The Laws Of Life explains what has to be done following a death, including contact details of key organisations, and offers a concise but comprehensive overview of Jewish traditions and practices in loss and mourning. 


Click here for contact details of local register offices and burial societies.

We will be glad to provide a full copy of The Laws of Life book from the Synagogue office.​

Funerals take place at the Western Cemetery, near Cheshunt, EN7 5HT. We are also able to officiate at a number of other burial grounds. Please click here to find the Western Cemetery on Google Maps or to download directions and a map.

You can click here if you would like the text of the Kaddish accompanied by a transliteration.

Please inform us of the arrangements for the Shivah; we are able to provide chairs, books and officiants to lead the prayers.

The Synagogue sends out details of bereavements to a list of members who have indicated that they would like to receive this information. It is a simple and helpful way of telling the community so that we can support you.


For emergencies please email us

May the all-present God comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem

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